Fife Whisky Tour

The Kingdom of Fife is a very special and beautiful region, whether you love landscapes, golf or any kind of alcoholic drink. In the old days there were quite a number of small whisky distilleries (Stratheden Auchtermuchty Distillery & Pitlessie) which over the centuries disappeared.

Today, most Fife distilleries are relatively new:

2005 Daftmill
2012 Edenmill
2014 Kingsbarns
2017 Lindores

For whisky tasting that may leave a lot to desire. To be called whisky, the exquisite liquid needs to be stored in a cask for three years and one day. To be any good you are looking for 10 years of age. Daftmill has reached this requirement but is already so sought after that getting your hands onto it is quite some task. Daftmill distillery is a fully operational farm and does not have a visitor centre. Daftmill produces 12 year old summer and winter releases as well as a 15 year old. All of which are stunning expressions and you will be able to taste them with me:

Lindores Abbey is a historic site and Lindores Abbey Distillery owner, Drew McKenzies-Smith, took 25 years of careful planning to create a very equisite dram and interlaced the intriguing history of the abbey intocthe tours. It is a place I personally truly enjoy visiting and that is certainly the feedback I am receiving from my clients.

Drew McKenzie was apparently contacted by the author, Michael Jackson, who told the story about the oldest document providing evidence of the sale of whisky:

“For Lindores may have been home to the famous friar John Cor, who features in the earliest known reference to Scotch whisky, daine from 1494. The Exchequer Rolls record – in translation from the Latin -” eight bolls of malt to Friar John Cor wherewith to make aqua vitae for the king.”

Kingsbarns does provide a variety of tours and also produces Darnley View’s Gin for which they also offer gin schools.

Edenmill Distillery is planning to re-open their Guardbridge visitor centre in summer 2024. Meanwhile it is readily avaible in St Andrew’s bars and restaurant and their own shop.

Meanwhile, we strongly recommend a visit at Keys Bar. This place is magic, because at has more than 300 whiskies on the tap, but it is everything but posh. Quite the opposite, located in the centre of privileged St Andrews it still is the local watering hole. Also, it has the most knowledgeable bar staff, who even visit the bar on their days off. Do visit and definitely talk to the people inside, it will at least become a lasting memory of true Scotland!

If you intend to buy whisky to take home or to consume during your Scotland stay I very highly recommend Luvian’s bottle shop (either in St Andrews or Cupar)

Potential itinerary:

9.30 am      Pick up St Andrews

10 am         Tour at Kingsbarns Distillery

11.30 am    Lunch at Kingsbarns Distillery

1.30 pm      Lindores Abbey (tour at 2pm)

2 pm           Tour at Lindores

5.30 pm      Drop off At Andrews


Please note all our tours are suggestions, feel free to drop or add things you would like to do. We are offering bespoke tours based on what you would like to see. Include a castle, a walk etc.

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