Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga means union with yourself and with nature

A few years back I started suffering from asthma- something I had not experienced since childhood. My general lifestyle at the time was not heathly and quite stressful, so I duly went to the doctor and got an inhaler to enable me to sleep again at night.

That eased things a little but only temporarily helped the breathlessness. Yoga appeared to be the one thing I could do so I started using an app for about ten mininutes each day.

Image by Roger Morris with the help of his wonderful daog Mojo

A little later I came across the video of Kilted Yoga on YouTube:

I liked the sense of humor. I figured out that Finlay Wilson had a yoga studio, Heart Space, not far away from me in Dundee. When they offered a two week trial I went to my first class. It took under a year before my asthma dissapeared, not to mention many other health benefits. I wanted to know more and learn more so last year I signed up for the foundation teacher training- obviously at Heart Space.

Image by Tim Snoeks with Mojo

This training has already been an amazing journey and as with all good things it is only really the beginning.

Meanwhile I am more then happy to share what I have learned with my customers and friends. Whether you would like a wee introduction to yoga, some throughts on mindfulness, maybe some help with an issue or perhaps simply just to have some fun-> the offer is there- always.

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