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Ardbeg Distillery
Ardbeg Whisky Distillery

Everybody’s travel plans have come to a halt in view of the current pandemic. As we cannot go we can still dream and maybe even plan a trip in the not so distant future.

People often ask me: “What is your favourite place in Scotland?” I have never been able to answer. There are too many breath-taking places and there is such a variety of different landscapes. The same is true for the flavour of whisky. There are about 125 operating distilleries in Scotland divided into three main regions: Highlands, Lowlands and Island. However, my all time favourite of them all is Bunnahabhain Moine from the Isle of Isla. I have never had a Bunnahabhain I did not enjoy and to top this I have never had any whisky from Isla I did not like. Isla has about 3000 inhabitants, is roughly 25 km long and has NINE (!!!) whisky distilleries.

Let me take you there with this video below:

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