Loving golf & Scotland

Scotland as the home of golf is a very popular destination amongst golfers. Often they aim to make the best of their time in Scotland and try to play as many of these wonderful Scottish golf courses as they can fit in. Not everyone plays golf everyday of their ordinary life and playing two courses a day if you only play twice a month at home might strain your stamina and muscle capacity.

Kingsbarn Golf Course

To recover you could take a day’s rest and visit some of Scotland’s amazing landscapes, castles, towns or whisky distilleries. This also might be a welcome break for members of your group who do not share your full enthusiasm about golf.

At Starfish Travel you can combine this with slightly unusual twist as your tourguide is also a qualified yoga teacher and certified FRC Mobility Specialist (FRCms).

While you are taking a wee break from golf you can endulge in some real helpful exercises to maintain peak golfing performance either in nature or in a cosy indoor space as you prefer.

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