Covid -19 Lockdown update

It is an amazing three weeks ago since I last wrote an article for this blog.

Many unfortunate souls have meanwhile died of Corona virus and an army of health workers have worked unbelievably hard to fight this disease. We need to be so grateful to them and also to all the people working in supermarkets and loigistics for keeping us supplied.

I have meanwhile been once to Edinburgh station with a student finally being allowed to return home. Our cars are sanitised before and after each use, we have installed a temporary partion in our 8 seaters and use and supply hand sanitizer.

Me and my partner helped another student moving house (not charging and obviously adhering to social distancing) and assisted a gentlemen in replenishing his supplies of -well alcohol mainly plus one loaf of bread.

That summarizes our commercial activities of the last three weeks in a month which usually marks the beginning of our busy season and brings us back into black figures after winter and taxi tests of all the the vehicles.

So what on earth did I fill my spare time with? Well, the weather has been gorgeous and we live in the middle of nowhere…

Our home near the river Tay

Any of you who have met me will have heard sooner or later that I enjoy horse riding and yes, that is what I have done pretty much every day.

My four-legged buddies

I know the general BHS advice is not to ride as you may fall off and then use A&E unnecessarily. I assure you if I had any worries I would probably not entertain these guys. I know something unexpected could happen always but I can equally just fall over my own feet.

However, my horsey family did not always agree with me:

Mona Lisa taking a snooze in the sunshine
Mona Lisa’s son “Me & My Monkey” not exactly enthusiastic to be ridden.

They all did, however, provide me with hours of fun. Ridden:

With Monkey to the moon!

… and driven:

The Monkey again and little me

Like many others, self- employed or working in industries which had to shut down I also spent some time researching grants, applying for jobs and for the first in my life for Universal Credit. I found the latter very embarrassing but have to admit that whoever I spoke to in the process people were so helpful, understanding and friendly that I was truly overwhelmed.

Back to the joys of life since there was not much else to do and also despite the financial worries (which I cannot change) the entire thing begins to feel like a summer holiday in primary school, especially with this amazing weather.

Out on a hack

Did I mention I love food and subsequently cooking. So we have been eating and sleeping and eating….

BBQ somewhat smoky still

If you eat a lot you need to train a lot and I can not recommend highly enough They have a fabulous space in an old church in Dundee but during the lockdown their classes are available online and you have no idea how much this has contributed to my mental and physical health. If you have not yet do try them! Below you see that I am not the only one enjoying Heartspace’s online classes:

Online classes with cat Phantom
And even our new rescue cat Boris joins in

The cats… We originally had four of those creatures and three of them (all boys, all neutered) dissapeared last year between August and September. Initially we very much hoped they would return as one of them did that the year previous. They did not and I felt sorry for our lonesome female cat Phantom so through Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary we got the truly gorgeous Boris who, however, does not (yet) get on with our Phantom. Social distancing with cats…

So, how are all of you keeping? Leave me a comment and I shall leave you with a few more images…

River Tay
View over the river Tay at sunset
Sheep with lambs
We live beside the river Tay
First green leaves
Full blossom

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