From your jobless taxi driver/tour guide

The above headline is not quite strictly true yet. We will serve our customers at Starfish Travel as long as we can and I have just this morning brought some clients to the station. However, not many people do travel and quite rightly so.

For the foreseeable future I will have more time on hand than I have had for years. To stay healthy I am planing to do some nice things- an action I would advise everybody else to do too. I know these are worrying times but worrying as such just does not help.

So my goal is to explore my surroundings in different ways. Yesterday I went to meet a very dear friend of mine and since I had the time I used my old bike

On my bike then
I live along the coastal path near Newburgh and my meeting point was Abernethy so I cycled 11 miles with great joy and some rain.
Beautiful Ballinbreich Castle
My road to Abernethy (though looking back to Dundee here)
View towards Newburgh

On my way back I managed to obtain a flat tyre just outside Abernethy. I decided to divert this into a walking tour and actually go onto the gorgeous coastal walk
Start of the coastal path at Newburgh
Had it not rained I might have stopped for a wee picnic
View onto the Tay
Playing area

I walked all the way over to Lindores Abbey Distillery when my partner got in touch to say that he was on his way home. I would have had another 2 hours walking ahead of me and he offered to pick me up. As it was raining a rather good idea.

Lindores Abbey
Lindores Abbey
Another lovely view over the river Tay
Lindores Abbey
Lindores Abbey Disitillery – sadly closed when I got there
Coastal path in Newburgh
The Bear of Newburgh (can you spot it?)

To conclude it was lovely being outdoors and you do not need to go far to truly find peace. It counteracts anxiety well and it is lovely to share with all of you.

Keep healthy and look after yourselves!

5 Replies to “From your jobless taxi driver/tour guide”

  1. Kirsten- I love this and that little patch of Fife around you is beautiful.
    Nature is good for the soul.
    Will be thinking of you and Tim over the coming weeks .
    Claire xx

    1. Hi Claire, we are very lucky in Fife! I am always happy when I am outdoors and thankfully that is still possible. Hope you are all well?

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