Are you missing Scotland?

We have had a frosty spring where the overnight temperatures drop below zero most nights. However, this has brought a lot of sunshine. For now I may move around my local council area. So, let’s start with North Queenferry today:

North Queensferry was created by Saint Margaret (wife of Malcolm III) when she installed a ferry service between North and South Queensferry. The service ran for 800 years and only ceased when the Forth Road Bridge was complete in 1964. There are three bridges between the villages, the two road bridges were both opened by the current Queen Elisabeth and her late husband Prince Philip, the latest addition Queensferry Crossing in 2017. These bridges were span over three centuries. The Forth Rail Bridge is the oldest was completed in 1890 and was designed by Sir John Fowler and Sir Benjamin Baker. The bridge contains 53.000 tons of steel and contains 6.5 million rivets. There is a say that tasks that take a while takes as long as painting the Forth Rail Bridge (though since the last refurbishment it is claimed the paint will last 25 years). This bridge was opened by the Duke of Rothesay who later became King Edward VII and in 2000 54.000 people and 10 million tons in freight. North Queensferry has has the smallest lighthouse dating back to 1813 (John Rennie) which is shown in this video. The pier was extended by Thomas Telford in 1828. Nowadays visitors can still board boats from here to explore the river and its islands.

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