As Lockdown is still with us…

Realistically it will be a good wee while before I will be able to welcome international guests again.

My 2021 bookings one by one are being postponed to 2022 which is unavoidable and really sad for my clients (and me of course too).

However, at the moement the figures for Scotland are beginning to look better and what is more we are in spring: The days are getting longer and flowers begin to pop up everywhere.

While travelling for work I had the opportunity to stop off at beautiful Falkland village which has a huge history itself but has more recently been noted for serving as Inverness in Outlander. I love the series but let me show there is so much more worth visiting at Falkland:

Crocusses at Falkland village
Visit Falkland Palace
Closed entrance to Falkland Palace
Centre of Stewardship Falkland
Falkland countryside
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