While a plan to ease out of the current lockdown in Scotland has been published the rest of Europe is experiencing the third wave of the Corona virus already. As a matter of fact Germany announced yesterday a full lockdown over Easter.

While I remain hopful that vaccinations will eventually allow us to travel the world again I do believe for the foreseeable future we will be lucky if we can have staycations this year. To be honest if I have the rare airport pick up these days leaving my 5 mile zone does feel like a wee holiday all by itself.

If you are planning a staycation in breathtaking Scotland, please be resonsible so that everyone after you can enjoy the same beauty and remoteness. Visit Scotland has created this amazing video to remind us all:

And while you are packing please also be reminded that Scotland is the place where you can have all four seasons in one day. So please pack you waterproofs alongside your sunglasses and swimming gear and ENJOY!

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