Touring Scotland once again

Gradually, more and more businesses and attractions publish their re-opening.

We are not there yet but there are sure signs that some day in the not too distant future we will be able to offer tours all over Scotland again.

Bespoke Scotland Tours St Andrews
Touring with Starfish Travel

To be honest I cannot wait but would meanwhile provide some re-assurance that our vehicles and drivers are very cautious about Coivd-19 safe processes.

Threrefore our vehicles are fitted with protective screens and are cleaned after each use, both with desinfectant and UV sanitisers, which are also used on our credit card facilities. We operated a DEW air purifiers, hand sanitisers are available to our customers and are used by our drivers. Our drivers wear face mask and we can supply you with a face mask should you have forgotten you own.

Air purifier in operation and free hand sanitisers are supplied
DEW air purifier
UV sanitiser at work
Covid-19 screens fitted
Hand sanistiser for your convinience

The vehicles are all 8 seaters taxis which are currently operated as 6 seater for people from one household.

With all this in place we are very hopeful to provide safe, enjoyable tours all across Scotland in due course. Watch this space or start your journey by filling out this contact form to start planning you next trip!

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