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Newhaven, Edinburgh: Tender has arrived

I was on tours two days in a row; day one a wee tour from a cruise ship and up to MacAllan whisky distillery the following day. This is such a privilege and such a rewarding job: you meet new and interesting people every day, you still discover new things in beautiful Scotland and most of all you always learn. It is a never ending joy.

MacAllan is currently only open to the public on the weekends and provides private tours during the week, which last about three hours. My guests took five hours so it must have been good.

Arrived at MacAllan
MacAllan distillery is a truly stunning design
The building compliments the landscape it is embedded in
On weekends the Brasserie and shop are also open to visitors not booked in for a tour
The estate itself is also stunnigly beautiful
Way in

You are never short of things to do in Speyside, even if whisky is not you main theme I may add. While my guests were looked after by MacAllan I visited the The Cooperage, Aberlour Whisky Distillery and Glenlivet Whisky Distillery, went for a walk outside Aberlour and ended up have the most amazing Thai lunch at The Croft Inn, which I very highly recommend!

Aberlour Whisky Distillery
Glenlivet Whisky Distillery
The Croft Inn
Amazing food with a stunninng view and among lovely people
Cooked with love by Nat
This was the best duck curry I ever had!
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