Fife Whisky Festival

It is never easy to get tickets for this. Last year I managed to get tickets for the main event which is showcasing distilleries, whisky bottlers and shops. I attended with three like-minded whisky friends, which was a lot of fun.

This year I “only” managed to get tickets for the Woodrow’s of Edinburgh Masterclass. Woodrow’s of Edinburgh is a relatively new indepent bottler/blender, founded by Woody Tan about a year and a half ago.

The first bottle of their tasting was a very drinkable blend, created from 10% GlenScotia, 50% Glenord & 40% Highland Park. It was not quite my personal taste, but certainly a very good blend.

The second dram on trial was a 30 year olf Girvan Grain whisky which was very smooth indeed and will be loved by any bourbon fan.

Dram number three was a delightful 13 year old Mannochmore which brought us perfectly into Scottish Single Malt territory.

The next was right down my line as a lover of Islay whisky, a Bunnahabhain 16 matured in an Oloroso cask. Woody was so kind to let me have the rest of the bottle. So my clients will have the opportunity to sample one this season.

The exitement was certainly not over! Next we were privileged to sample a Mortlach literally just siphoned from the cask two days previously. It was a delight too!

Last dram of the day was a Williamson of Laphroaig, named after the famous female distiller Bessie Williamson. Another very complex and lovable uisge beatha. I had to finish the last three tasting samples. They were so good.

I will now need to look out to purchase tickets for next years’ Fife Whisky Festival!

If you are interested in a bespoke whisky tour in any or all of the five whisky regions, get in touch:

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