Visiting Scotland? Where would you like to stay?

Scotland has some fanstastic accommodations to offer and can pretty much serve any budget.

I often conduct multiple day tours and not all of the accommodations my guests choose are within my own budget.

For example if my guests opt for the gorgeous and curiously remote The Torridon it is sadly not feasible for me to stay there. I opt for an equally enchanting visit to the Tigh An Eilean, which also offers the most amazing seafood.

For myself I am quite happy to stay in a youth hostel and trust me some are at the very best locations, besides you get to meet more interesting people than in your usual hotels.

View from my room in the hostel at Braodfort, Isle of Skye

I personally also love staying in cabins as they allow me to practice my morning yoga outside:

The Loft cabin’s in Moray
The Loft
The Gather near Kennacraig/ Tarbert
The Gather Clamping pod view

Other quirky options are always bothies or some private AirB&B’s, for example I really adored the Soroba Farm Cottage bothy. It was so cosy and the hosts were lovely. You really get to know the locals staying in places like this.

Some of the smaller and often less expensive hotels can be the most amazing fun, such as The Bandstand in Nairn which even hosted a music festival while I stayed. It was amazing:

These are only some examples I have stayed in very many places over the years and had the opportunity to validate some of the posher places my guests stayed in.

Very much acclaimed recently on televison (BBC) and rightously so is The Broch on Harris and there are also many castles which have been turned into hotels.

If people are asking me for recommendations I will always try to assemble quite a variety of different styles, because if you are coming to Scotland you do want to meet the locals- everywhere!

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