The Isle of Skye end of April 2024

Lower Breakish

In the last week of April I made my way over to the Isle Skye on my own to attend the Heal Scotland Festival in Broadford and to spend some extra days roaming around the island.

As Skye is such a popular destination I am quite often a little hesitant if my clients want to go, especially if this is intended for an afternoon only.

I am in full agreement that Skye is amazing and has so many unqiue places to visit and explore, but that takes -in my opinion- a little lonegr than a day.

Here is why, the Isle of Skye has a variety of very unique landscapes and rock formations, such as the Fairy Glen, Quiraing, the Old Man of Storr to name some of the better known ones, but it is, wherever you turn just jaw-droppingly gorgeous, especially if you happen to get a spell of sunshine.

Fairy Glen
Beinn na Caillich

Besides this you can discover a few dinosaur prints and get to see some more in the little Staffin Museum whose founder, Dougald Ross,discovered some dinosaur prints as a sixteen year old but was not believed initially. A fascinating place to visit with enthusiastic volunteers full of knwolegde.

Staffin Dinosaur Museum

If you take your time there is amble opportunity to walk, hike, run or even cycle (though I highly recommend styaing off the main roads) and have some seriously good food:

Harbour Restaurant’s Slow roast lamb in rosemary, apricots and prunes
Harbour Restaurant roats apples

One of my alltime favourites is the little Harbour restaurant in Broadford, where Murdo is the most knowledgable and elegant waiter and Christna not only combines Scottish locals with her meditaranian background but also exhbits her wonderful paintings.

There are many more amazing places to explore all the goods Scotland has to offer on Skye, get in touch to fine out more even if you do not want to book a tour with me. I amalways happy to share my knowledge.

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