John Rebus/Ian Rankins’ Edinburgh

BBC Rebus Series trailer

Have you had a chance to watch the “new” Rebus on BBC iplayer, yet?

I loved the first TV series with Ken Stott (see below) but more than that I have been an Ian Rankin fan for a very long time and have read all his books. I loved them especially when I was living abroad missing Scotland, missing Edinburgh.

Ken Stott as Rebus

The story lines of Ian Rankin are cripping and Edinburgh is such a fabulous backdrop for any television drama.

I have binge watched this one and may need to watch it again paying more attention to all those fabulous locations. Here are some reported by The Scotsman.

Back in the days of the first series, Ian Rankin had created an app on his Edinburgh which lead me on many occassions to take my guests around some of them. In one case I had some Canadian Rebus fans, with whom I visited the Oxbar only to bump into Ian Rankin himself. It certainly made their day (and mine)!

If you are interested in exploring Edinburgh in the footsteps of inspector Rebus get in touch:

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