Whisky distilleries visited in 2024 till now

As I have a genuine love for for uisge beatha- gaelic for the water of life = whisky I do not necessarily require customers to visit distilleries. Back in February I went with my better half to a soothing visit of Skye, Harris & Lewis. At Abhainn Dearg it felt like owner Marko had just opened the place for the two of us. The Isle of Harris Distillery was even closed for some reservations but we had brought our own supply of the gorgeous Hearach. I love both their whisky but do favour Abhainn Dearg’s expressions.

In March Fife Whisky Festival was another welcome break to sample some good spirits and we had the chance to attend Woodrow of Edinburgh’s tasting and I fell truely in love with his Bunnahabhain 16:

A tour of the NC500 -this time with a bunch of lovely clients from Germany- got me to visit The Speyside Cooperage, GlenAllachie,the wee Dornoch Whisky Distillery, Glenmorangie, Brora, Clynelish, Singelton, Wolfburn, Balblair, Edradour (which, sadly, still remains closed to the public since Covid). We even went to sample some Rockrose Gin at the Dunet Bay Distillery and last but not least nipped into the Glengoyne on the back back to the airport.

Gin still remains somewhat of a closed book to me (maybe just as well?) but I truly enjoy Persie’s Spaniel Gin.

Often the Diageo whisky distilleries are somewhat frowned upon but I have to say they all still very much sport their own characters – look at Dalwhinnie or Talisker for one and Diageo does provide an amazing whisky experience in each of their distilleries and- not to forget- their staff are enthusiatic, friendly and much fun to be with.

I should also add while travelling the NC500 we did visit many, many other sites, besides the whisky distilleries.

Not much later and again on the way with some lovely Germans we opted to visit Auchentoshan, which is a lovely distillery and quite special due to their tripple distilling (like Springbank!). They were, however, faced with some sort of staff shortage, slightly overbooked and for this tour and had that one person who could not stop asking questions. I felt a little sorry for our tour guide and -as the tour was in English/Glaswegian- and not the easiest to understand for my German guests.

I went off and did a few none whisky related tours and revisited Glengoyne, Lindores and Holyrood Distillery. Lindores are pretty much my neighnours and one of my go to whiskies next to another fabulous neighbour: Daftmill (sadly again not open to the public). Holyrood Distillery sells the flavoured new make spirit which is an odd but interesting experience.

I then had another tour with some Swiss people to Arran, Campbeltown and Speyside, starting with the newly re-opened Rosebank, followed by Lagg & Lochranza, Springbank, Kilkerran, Cadenhead & GlenScotia and then over to Speyside with GlenAllachie, Dalwhinnie (again), Benromach, GlenMoray, Glendornach. Benromach and Glendornach are both distilleries I adore visiting as they are that little bit less busy, have amazing staff members and even better whisky.

The attentative reader will have noticed that I have clearly been missing out on my faviourite of all whisky regions: Islay! Bear with me it will come in due course.

Which are your favourite distilleries and/or whiskies and why?

Do you have whisky shops you love? I do and it is Luvians (both in St Andrews and Cupar)

Do you have preferred “whisky” places to stay? I love the Speyside Hotel (Ghillies bar & food) and the Highlander Inn (among others)

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