Tasting Glendronach -very belated

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit Glndronach Whisky Distillery. I bought their 21 year old:

I bought it on advise of the distillery staff members and a valued whisky friend of mine. When I finally got around to sampling it last week I was blown away both by its complexity and smoothness. It truly is one of those whiskies you need to nestle in with and give it a few hours to fully appreciate it and you only need a small amount.

I have shared it since with a few friends who all really enjoyed.

I was very lucky to be able to get two wee tasters of Glendronach’s handfills as I -obviously- could not do so during my visit as I was as per usual driving.

This Olorosso Pucheon at 58.8 % is stunningly smooth and not really that sweet but comes across very sherried and brings with it a heartwarming mouth-feel.

Handfill number two,a PX Puncheon, at 61.6% is surprinsingly stronger, not too sweet either and is a real explosion of flavours in your mouth. It feels somewhat lighter as in the density of the liquid itself:

I will be back in due course and intend to buy one of them (if still available) but I really struggle to make up my mind. They are, as most, of what Glendronach produces really very nice whikies.

Have you tried any of these? If so tell me what you think…

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