Thoughts on the Isle of Skye

As a tour guide there are many inevitable locations one ends up visiting again and again. I honestly do not mind because Scotland’s weather is so changeable that it will always be different. Scotland really never does get boring, but over the years the number of people visiting Scotland’s amazing beauty has increased dramatically. This in turn has created some hotspots, such as Loch Ness or the Isle of Skye.

I may be a tour guide but that does not make me a fan of massive crowds trampeling their way to the fairy pools on Skye.

I am just about to visit the Isle of Skye again with some guests and what I have tried to communicate to my clients over the years is to take a little time with your locations. This time we will spend two nights on Skye and were lucky enough to find accommodation.

Two nights is not a long stay but it is long enough to seek nice enough spells of weather to take in the breath-taking landscapes of Skye and embracd the outdoors, to mingle with the locals, to experience some local cousine and to actually enjoy your stay rather than just passing by.

Look at the pictures below taken at vist back in April this year. There is sooo much so see & experience!

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