Self-isolation continued…

It is 11 days ago that I last posted here. So, how is everybody?

As a jobless taxi driver/tour guide I filled a few days with some temporary work which will help a little to get us through this period of no income. Quite some time was spend on researching what help is available to us and starting the process to get it, concluding with a conference call with our acountants today. All of this is rather tiresome. As if all of that was not enough the server where this website is hosted on crashed and took a while to be rebooted. Last but not least I applied for a few jobs though I am wondering how even the application process will work. Comment here if you have experience/advise, please.

View of the river Tay

So besides some stock-taking as to how to survive financially for whatever time it will take I heavily invested in the things I love. There is daily horse riding on the agenda (Yes, I know I could fall off and block other people’s access to A&E but rest assured that could also happen while I slip on the mud around the house). I thoroughly enjoy that I do not have to rush. You should never rush when training horses but in daily madness it happens and the lack of it is just fabulous-> endless time!!

Another view on the river Tay
Moss footpath

I also call myself extremely lucky to live where I do as I can go out exercising without being in the danger of meeting anyone and I can assure you it is amazingly beautiful around me. Take a look:

So apart from enjoying spring despite Covid 19 I am also blessed to be able to continue my yoga session thanks to Heartspace in Dundee who stream all their classes online (Sign up here:

Even though looking at the front of our house still feels very odd: Starfishes grounded till Corona blows over…. if it does

What used to be a flourishing business…

So, we continue to work from the home office and gladly we have a number of furry helpers:

Home of Starfish Travel or the home office

Stay positive & healthy!

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