The glas is half full …


By nature I am a very optimistic person and my glas is always half full. In the recent days, however, even I have cried at the sight of a devasted shop worker at Aldi’s.

However, I believe the current crisis is not just terribly frightening and possibly deadly it also might be a gigantic opportunity. We are trying against our will to work from home. Suddenly there is no rushhour. People are walking on the beach instead of being in an office or being stuck in a traffic jam. We make clima change happen as there is hardly any airtravel.

I live from tourism mostly and I enjoy travelling myself but maybe this forced break helps us to stop and re-think how we go about life. Travelling to places to take pictures everybody else has taken of the same spot might be a nice sport but misses what travelling is about: taking a break, having the freedom to decide on your speed or rather lack of it and engage with the locals, their landscapes, their food, their way of life.

We want to return refreshed and enriched and understanding more about others and ourselves

Pittenweem coastal walk

Most of us are so busy in our daily life that we fail completely to stop and reflect, because there never seems to be any time for it. Now, we have been given the precious present of time and all we do is fight it because it was not our decision (strangely most things are not in any case) and we are also so worried and anxious about this virius which may or may not get us or our loved ones. We are all stuck in this together. The medical profession does their very best to treat people and keep the NHS running for everybody else. The rest of us could at least be thankful and try to make the best of it.

The business I have lived on has completely crumbled away within the space of a week. It does not feed me anymore. I do feel a little betrayed for all the work I have put into it and there seems to be little support forthcoming from the government.

I have applied for a job in a local supermarket, because that is where people are still needed I have also offered my help locally.

Apart from that I try to my best ability to look after myself, exercise, read, eat healthy, basically spoil myself and write silly blogs.

Stay healthy & sane!

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