John Henry Lorimer Exhibition & Kellie Castle

Reflections – the Light & Life of John Henry Lorimer’, City Art Centre, Edinburgh

I have mentioned Kellie Castle elsewhere on this website more than once. Pre-pandemic I did volunteer at Kellie Castle as a room or tour guide. John Henry Lorimer came to Kellie as a young man and the place captured him and influenced his art.

I could go on what positive influence Kellie Castle, my fellow volnuteers and NTS staff has had on me. Instead I would suggest to you to go to the John Henry Lorimer exhibition at the City Art Centre and experience John Henry’s, or JH as the Lorimer family called him, work in the context of place, identity, femininity, family & home.

If JH captivates your soul as much as he has hold of mine I strongly recommend your next step to be a visit at Kellie Castle. Even though JH’s paintings date back to pre 1936 once you enter Kellie you will see much of what has inspired this amazing artist.

The NTS provided volunteers with the privilege to be guided through the exhibition by Charlotte Lorimer, who co-curated this truly amazing reflection on light & life of JH Lorimer…..

Charlotte is also responsible for Upward and Onward, where you can find out more about the various talents the Lorimers produced

Kellie Castle

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