Vegan in Scotland?

Over the years I have had a number of guests who either had dietary requirements or are vegetarian or vegan by choice. Generally speaking Scotland caters quite well for both and there are even vegetarian B&Bs but not always where you need them.

Fresh fruit is easily sourced in Scotland (in season)

As standard Starfish Travel provides bottled water and a fruit basket (in summer always locally sourced and containing blueberries, rasberries, brambles and strawberries). During whisky tours I have also supplied packed lunches which were mostly randomly bought to ensure some stamina when sampling a little too much whisky.

In the aim to focus on locally produced food and cater for vegans in particular we have teamed up with local businesses and have added some own efforts. Do take a look at some examples:

Apple crumbles, freshly milled wheat, locally sourced Bramley apples and butter
Gluten-free, freshly milled oat bread, vegan
Vegan spread & soft cheese for your gluten-free oat bread sandwiches
Vegan avocado basil sandwich
Vegan soft cheese, tomato, coriander, basil sandwich
Vegan butternut/carrot soup
Cappuchino with foamed oat milk

Let us know what you think as well…..

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